A company that has been
producing in Italy
for over 40 YEARS

Out story begins in 1979 and since then we have been manufacturing fine fabrics in line with the Italian textile tradition. Thanks to a never-ending innovation process, today our products decorate prestigious restaurants and locations all around the world.


Coritex was founded on June 18, 1979.

The company has its roots in the province of Bergamo, exactly in Val Gandino, a renowned area during the 1970s for the production and trading of textile products, both on domestic and international markets.


While at the beginning Coritex was focusing exclusively on bed covers and flannel bed linens production, later on in 1980s the company decided to include also new textiles in its product portfolio such as piquet and jacquard fabrics, printed textiles, “grand-foulard” as well as high quality flannel fabrics. This choice allows Coritex to address entirely the Italian market needs.

Moreover, the new manufacturing company sees the construction of a site which houses the whole production cycle starting from the purchase of the yarn to the weaving and the packaging of the finished product.


Dedication and collaboration in a highly skilled personnel are the trump cards that promote growth achieving new goals: in 1990 Coritex starts to produce furnishing fabrics (Home Décor) destined for the foreign market. Since then, long-standing partnerships have been created, customer relations kept alive to this day.


The foresight together with the courage to face new challenges come to fruition in the business choice to allocate Coritex resources to the Hospitality Industry: thereafter Industrial Laundries have become the main target for the company.

The opportunity to embark on a new path has entailed the technological evolution of the production with the total renewal of the jacquard weaving. The purchase of the most up-to-date machineries allows the company to weave exclusive fabrics collections, specifically table, bed and bath linen.

All the efforts made have been soon rewarded thanks to the reputation of the company achieved within the textile sector: Coritex is known to be a guarantee of quality!


Coritex is an established manufacturing company in Italy, a trusted partner for those seeking innovative stylistic solutions.

Tradition, passion and innovation are the main corporate values, principles handed down from generation to generation: nowadays Mr. Tonino Bosio and his sons are the ones who run the company.


Change, dynamism, evolution are the key drivers for a company that wants to keep up with the times, constantly improving with the latest trends of the market.

The strengthen of its industrial entity and the willingness of internationalization are few objectives that Coritex is ready to achieve for the next future thanks to the implementation of specific projects aimed at meeting the need of an international clientele spreading the story and the Know How of an all-Italian product.

Coritex is chosen by Italian
Restaurants, renowned all over the world.

Production cycle

Raw yarn selection and purchuase

Fabric dye



Cutting, sewing and manufacturing